158: That’s all I’ve got.


Stephanie is celebrating her birthday today, so send her your wishes.



Out this week is the return of my two big comics. DIE and Once & Future return.

DIE 11 launches our third arc, THE GREAT GAME, which is kind of our emotionally messy War of the Ring. It involves maps, so people can get how all this merges together. Compared to the second arc’s character-portraits as a portal in a moment in time, this is much more driven, dovetailing between these two main arcs. It’s emotionally grueling as ever, and re-reading this morning I’m shocked by how much it goes for it, in every way. It’s a weird book, DIE, but I’m proud what Stephanie and Clayton create here, and happy – or as happy as DIE gets – that we’re back.

Oh – we also change up the essays, moving to interviewing some interesting figures. This time it’s Alex Roberts, whose For The Queen was probably my RPG of last year and whose BackStory podcast was a crucial survey in the modern form.

You can buy it digitally, or from your local shop. There likely is a preview over on the Image site soon – it’s normally if you just click the cover.

Once & Future 8 picks up after 7, in the second part of the second arc, OLD ENGLISH. After the expansion of the universe in last issue, this is where we dig in and start building some more tension and getting a little more world building. It doesn’t show you everything – it is only the early days, right? – but the scope of the mythology certainly starts to come into play. Dan, Tamra and Ed are basically doing state of the art action comics, and this is a joy to do, and hugely freeing to write.

Preview here, and available digitally and also from your local shop.

Oh – and Ludocrats 2 apparently hits the UK this week too.



It’s normally an update of work. Since last writing, I’ve written a handful of pages on Thursday but otherwise barely managed plate spinning, and otherwise been swallowed by all that’s happening, and the conversations it’s prompted.

Kelly Sue’s Instagram responses to the news about Warren here and here is a rawness I recognise, as well as her trying to put it into a direction forward. I was asked about Warren specifically over on tumblr, and I’m really still not able to go further than what I said there and implied here last week: believe women, examine your complicity in these systems, think of how one can avoid propagating them any further. I’m reading around and thinking. For a sample of things, here’s Harris about the WEF culture and his own response, a lot which I recognise from being around there. Here’s Cheryl Lynn Eaton on the problems with the well meaning but emptiness of pledges, which is useful. There’s a lot and I’m trying to take it in and see what to do with it.

I also am aware that if I did want to say more right now, I couldn’t do it when writing at the end of a day when my brain is chewed up . I want to say useful things, I want to center the people targeted and their desires and generally think what next?

That’s all I’ve got. I’m sorry.

Speak soon.

Kieron Gillen