Moving List From Substack


Quick update post: I’m moving on from Substack.

No need to change anything your end - I’ll be exporting the list and moving the content over to buttondown tomorrow. I wanted to write in advance, as I suspect it’ll mail you all with confirmation mails and similar. Also, to warn you to check spam filters if you don’t see it turn up.

The first mail should be tomorrow.

EDIT: This was optimistic - still getting stuff set up. Should be on Friday.

EDIT 2: I was pessimistic! It went out. Should be making its way through the system now.

Why? You may be aware of the conversation around Substack’s business practises coming to light. This is a quick overview of it, including critiques and responses. I find the justifications pretty weak, and eyebrow raise hard at Substack doing the writer equivalent of Uber’s “we don’t hire drivers.” Ultimately, the problem is transparency. I have no idea who they’re paying, and therefore what I’m supporting by being here.

Equally, it’s a prompt for action. For a while I’ve been thinking I can afford to pay for a mailing list, so probably should, especially if I go to a one person project like buttondown. So I have.

Also, Once & Future 17 is out today, which has lots of explosions, but I’ll write more soon.

Byeee, etc.


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