142: Diamanda Galas said that mortality is insulting


I’m about to go and meet up with a bunch of Old Games Journalists for a meal, so it’s appropriate that I’m hurriedly assembling a bunch of links and stringing them together with aggressive bonhomie for an audience. I’m Kieron! Today, I will be typing quickly and typoing wildly.

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Once & Future 6 brings an end to the first arc of our Arthurian monster comic. There’s various places saying it’s 6/6, but as the To Be Continued underlines at the end of the issue, we will be continuing. Issue 7 is out in March, along with the trade, and Dan is just finishing off that at the moment.

It’s a climax, and as such (er) climactic things happen. Heart strings tugged and hearts torn from the body. You know how we operate.

This has been fun.

You can see a preview here and buy it from shops, both terrestrial and online.


The deadline for the Project Artcred was on Monday. We put them online yesterday. Things move quickly.

The idea was that I’d write a one page script, and then artists would draw it, to show how my interpretation alters the finished piece. I believe we had over 200 people ask for the script and 40 actual works came back, which is actually pretty incredible.

The full thread is here but here’s my script, and the first couple.

Really, go and look at the other thirty eight.

Honestly, this was a fascinating thing to be involved with, and honoured to ask. I hope it’s something Project Art Cred do again, because fun things with a point are a rare thing in comics.



Just before I started doing this, Stephanie lobbed a DIE WIP online.



I was talking to a friend recently and talked about work method, and we circled back to this bit of the newsletter – in how it very much is demystifying writing in an aggressive way. This is showing the working, while making it clear it is work. Things are arranged. Things are written. Things are sent off to other people. Things!

So, in the last two weeks things were arranged, things were written and things were sent off to other people.

I’m aware that time is pinching a little. I had a significant meeting with PROJECT BRIGHTER SHADE OF BLUE, where I presented my Big Idea Nonsense, and went worryingly well. Thankfully that’s the last bit of big plotting required for a while, leaving just the work. That’s where time is pinching. I just lobbed an early version of the first script of PROJECT COWBOY over, as I wanted to show it to editors while it was formed but still a little molten around the edges. Once & Future 8 will be polished before I get on the plane to Philadelphia. Then DIE 12 will be finished off before Stephanie finishes 11 at the end of the month… while I’m also working on a big week for PROJECT BUKOWSKI.

It’s doable, but it’s Must Have A Clear Head And Eyes On the Target period. Which is fine, as long as you know there’s a target and you have a single bullet.

“Don’t Fuck Up” to quote the tattoos Jamie and I often talked about getting.

(I also started running an actual DIE campaign, which is basically me knowing the best way to do something like that is to start doing it and then try and build the tracks ahead of the players. I’ve already learned a lot from the process. The problem conceptually with the DIE campaign is that while the short-form game is translating the first arc of DIE the campaign can’t just do that to the whole game – the splitting the party is a possibility rather than a necessity. As such I’m actually mining other material instead, which seems to be working. Or rather, we’ll see next week. It has at least one good idea, and one passable one.)

Right – that’ll do. One more listen to You’ve Had Me Everywhere and time to headout.

Speak soon.

Kieron Gillen