128.1: NYC Party

As promised, here’s a quick supplementary newsletter for Saturday’s party.

Here’s the ticket link.

There’s all the details on the site, in terms of venue and similar.

There’s two ticket prices listed.

$10 General Admission: for those who come to solely dance.
$40 Valhalla access: includes other party distractions.

There will be a limited number of tickets on the door on the night, but we’re limited by the Venue’s capacity. We're figuring out an easy upgrade system if you buy a General Admission ticket now, but later decide you want Access to Valhalla. Who are we to deny you.

So many people have been great at helping at this, so there will be applause for everyone. Jazzlyn has told me amazing things, and all the DJs are killer. I also plan to resurrect my old-skool one-sheet Fanzine Darcy’s On The Pull for an evening to hand out to everyone, which is kind of amore Phonogram move, but it’s our party and I’ll hand out crappily photoed zines if I want to.

That link again, for linky clicking.

It will be a lovely time. See folks there.