134: I find that ominous too.

133: Duncan confused, Bridgette phlegmatic

132: the elf who lived in a basement in Rivendell

131: where three stars should be.

129: a face full of chocolatey nougat.

128.1: NYC Party

128: It would be there for me

127: Packed with tudes.

126: a backstab (if you are accurate enough) is heartbreak

125: The Wicked + the Divine (2014-2019)

124: Loki is Loki is Loki.

123: who actually did write Scorpion Swamp?

122: No, Chip, that’s not a euphemism.

121: I crave the congress of meat, egg and breadcrumbs.

120: I have spent the afternoon walking around the house screaming

109: you’d be happy you did it.

108: totally fishing for booze

107: Not being eaten by a tiger is pure art.

106: I deserve a diet coke.

105: mumbling inaudibly at a hyperspeed thrum


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